Sleeping under the stars is a unique experience and one that is generally associated with pitching a tent for an outdoor adventure. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, though – glamping is a more than valid option for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without giving up on comfort. And if the glamping spot is in a secluded and isolated area, it’s also perfect for travelling in the time of social distancing.

A picture of the Glass Lodge at sunset
These glamping lodges are lost in the Icelandic wilderness to offer their guests silence and isolation © Panorama Glass Lodge

The Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland was born as a single glass lodge mixing Scandinavian architecture with details echoing Viking culture located in Mosfellsbær, not too far North of the country’s capital Reykjavík. Two more lodges have been added in the southern part of the country, around the city of Hella.

A picture of the Glass Lodge in the Icelandic countryside
The design of the lodges is a mix between Scandinavian architecture and Viking touches © Panorama Glass Lodge

All three lodges offer a stunning view of the landscape and the chance to look at the stars all night from the comfort of a warm bed. Each season offers something unique, from the never-setting sun of the warmer months (the lodge staff reminds guests to make sure to pack a sleeping mask to combat the light) to the northern lights during winter, if you’re lucky enough to catch them.

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The lodges are completed by a tiny kitchen and a hot tub, to make the gateway truly relaxing. “The most important point was for our guests to have an amazing, comfortable and unforgettable experience with enough privacy in the spectacular Icelandic scenery,” it reads on the Panorama Glass Lodge’s official website.

A picture of the Northern Lights through the glass ceiling of the cabin
The glass ceiling of the lodges is perfect for stargazing and catching a glimpse at the northern lights © Panorama Glass Lodge

If you’d like to know more about the Panorama Glass Lodge or see more shots from its stunning gallery of images, you can check the official website here.

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