Finland is the reigning world champion of happiness. The Scandinavian country has topped the UN’s World Happiness Report for the past three years, the 2020 mid-pandemic edition included. So the official Finland travel site has created an initiative that puts forward the country’s best ambassadors – Finns themselves.

The Rent A Finn program started back in 2019 and offered people the chance to take trips to Finland accompanied by a local so that they could learn the key to Finnish happiness directly from the source. In 2020, the program has adapted to the current situation of the world by transforming into Rent A Finn Goes Virtual.

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The program will officially begin on 15 May, with five live streams lasting one hour each. Each of the live streams will feature an expert in one key area of Finnish happiness – from exercising to food, from relaxation to free time. All of the speakers, of course, will be Finnish themselves since the essence of the program is very much the same in that it is learning how to be happy like a Finn from a Finn. The live streams will be held on Facebook and followed up by a Q&A session on Instagram.

A picture of the aurora borealis
All talks will be held in English, so to be accessible to as many people as possible © Markus Kiili / 500px

There will also be the chance to book a private fifteen-minute-long chat with one of the five speakers regarding their specialised area of expertise. These sessions will happen during the summer, towards the end of June, through a variety of video chat services like Skype or Hangouts. There’s only a limited number of slots for each speaker, so sessions need to be booked in advance!

Back view of Sami man at reindeer safari
If you're not sure which area would be best for you, you can take a test provided by Rent A Finn © BlueOrange Studio / Shutterstock

If you want more information about the Rent A Finn Goes Virtual program you can check out the official website at the link here.

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