A hotel and nature reserve in Sweden has unveiled a unique new accommodation in the form of a shiny metallic lodge suspended on stilts in the middle of the park. Nature lovers can gaze out at the amazing views from the balcony, and it’s even possible to watch animals eat through a glass floor in the property. 

Located in Blekinge in south-east Sweden, SynVillan (The Illusion Villa) is the latest addition to Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve, and sees guests staying in a stainless steel villa that has been built on shiny elevated pillars that are three meters tall. Outfitted with glass and a straw roof, it was designed to create the feeling of a mirage floating in the park, and to allow guests to feel as if they are hovering in the air. The accommodation is one of many different options available at the park, and the 50 sq meter house can sleep up to four people. It is powered by solar energy and gas and has a small kitchenette. 

The accommodation has a terrace for fresh airs and views © Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve

“Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve is one of Northern Europe’s largest wildlife enclosures and biodiversity has been preserved and developed into one of the most interesting areas in Scandinavia. We like to give our visitors opportunities for close contact with the nature and animals to increase the understanding to take care of our nature in the best way in the long term,” a representative of Eriksberg told Lonely Planet. 

Synvillan Eriksberg
Animals can be spotted feeding through the glass floor © Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve

While guests can see animals such as red deer, fallow deer, European bison, wild boar and mouflon roam around the 925 hectares and witness them being fed under the glass floor of the accommodation, the animals are not interfered with by visitors and are left to their own devices. 

Synvillan Eriksberg park
The new accommodation has proven a hit with visitors © Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve

Walking safari tours are also available for guests to book where they can spot the animals.

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