A Dutch tulip farm has created an eye-catching message of hope out of colourful flowers in a field. Photos of the artistic project proved to be a big hit after they were shared online recently.  

Created by Bulb farming company Dutch Daffodils and tour company Tulips in Holland, the idea was to make a message of positivity for all the tourists who can’t travel to The Netherlands this year. “The tulips in the fields are in peak bloom, situated in the Dutch flower area of Noordwijkerhout (about 30 minutes by car from Amsterdam). We are used to seeing many tourists in the spring season. This year it was so quiet, so we teamed up to do something special,” Nienke Ringersma of Tulips if Holland told Lonely Planet.

dutch tulip field.jpg
The idea was to spread a message of hope and positivity © Dutch Daffodils / Tulips in Holland

The companies brainstormed last Friday to come up with ideas before creating the 145-foot wide message that read “see you next year,” on Sunday. The process took approximately five hours for a small team to assemble the flowers by hand the traditional way.

“We choose the message after many readers on our social media commented on a previous post saying that they wish that they were here, or “I was supposed to travel to the Netherlands on this day”. Many readers expressed that they miss the flowers this year. That is why we came up with this message. As an encouragement and an expression of compassion, we do miss all of them,” Nienk said.

netherlands tulips
The message took approximately five hours to put together © Dutch Daffodils / Tulips in Holland

The reaction was way beyond what the farm expected, and on the first day, they got coverage in local magazines, before the story spread to regional and national television stations and newspapers. 

“Even some schools made an assignment out of it. All kids are at home due to COVID19 and teachers let the kids draw their own colourful flower fields. After that, the international media learned about this story, and the social media accounts of both Dutch Daffodils and Tulips in Holland were exploding with sweet messages from readers saying that it was an uplifting message and brightened their day.”

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