It’s remarkable what a small flip of perspective can do – one slightly different point of view, and suddenly we see landscapes that we never imagined. That’s the spirit with which England-based visual artist Reuben Wu approaches his photographs of drone-illuminated scenery. In his pictures, sights that might be familiar turn into the locations of a sci-fi story. “The inspiration was wanting to depict landscapes in a new way,” Reuben told Lonely Planet. “So viewers have a renewed perspective of our own planet.”

In his main series, Lux Noctis, and the spin-off project Terminus, Reuben Wu creates futuristic landscapes by shooting deserted areas at night, using drones both as cameras and as illumination devices. While the physical and logistical challenges are many, the results are the unique images you can see in the gallery below. You can also follow Reuben on his Instagram page here.

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