Local travel is on the rise, with people all over the world exploring their own country for a change of scenery. For travel-lovers, taking to the road in a camper van can afford the ultimate freedom. Recently, one US-based company converted a van into a stunning home on wheels for one couple chasing such a dream, and they have announced new rentals for others itching to get out and about.

Built into a Mercedes Sprinter 4x4, The Grand Teton was created by Rossmönster Vans, a company comprised of custom woodworkers, engineers and electricians in Longmont, Colorado with a passion for the outdoors. Designed with adventure in mind, the company made it for a couple looking to escape their city apartment and explore the great expanse of the United States for a year. Comfort and functionality were the top priorities for the design for the van, making it usable but homely.

Rossmönster Vans
The interior features solid walnut countertops and other homely touches to make it comfortable on the road © Rossmönster Vans

The van includes a raised queen-sized bed in the rear of the cabin, a custom L-shaped leather dinette seating area with built in storage, a dry flush toilet and indoor shower, cabinets and drawers, a gas cooker, solid walnut countertops and a cosy kitchen area. The interior is decked out with at 23-inch TV, a custom ski rack, ceiling fans and an additional outdoor shower. It has different lighting zones and a solar panel on the roof for off-grid living.

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“One of our favourite aspects of this van is the marriage between modern style and comfort and a rugged rig with complete off-grid capabilities. When designing this van, we wanted the couple to be able to live on the road, but do so in a way that felt comfortable and sustainable long-term,” Rossmönster Vans told Lonely Planet.

Grand Teton
The company recently launched rental vans for people hoping to explore the great outdoors in style © Rossmönster Vans

The company recently launched a line up of rental options which currently includes seven Retro-Mod VWs (all with newly-installed Ford engines) and three Mercedes Sprinters. The rental options start at US$110 a night and come in both manual and automatic, and in a range of styles that will suit travelers from different walks of life and with diverse interests. More information on Rossmönster Vans is available on the official website.

Rossmonster vans rental
A Volkswagen Vanagon available to rent through the company © Rossmönster Vans

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