In the past few weeks alone, nine-year old Camden Everett has managed to scale Mount Everest, run through London traffic, stop by Egypt and even be abducted by aliens. How is this possible? Thanks to some ingenuity from his artistic sister Macaire, Camden has been swept into fun and colorful chalk drawings that have kept the family amused during lockdown.

“My brother and I were home during spring break, sad and bored since our trip to Florida was cancelled. We had some chalk in the garage and one day I drew balloons on the driveway and asked Camden to lay down and 'hold' them. I took a picture, my parents thought it was really cool and Camden had fun. I decided to try drawing the next day and just kept going. After about ten days I set a goal to chalk for 100 days in a row. I think what makes this art unique is that my brother and I are doing this together and we are trying to come up with adventures and places for him to 'go' through the chalk art,” Macaire told Lonely Planet.

area 51 chalk drawing Macaire Everett
Macaire has come up with fun colorful scenes for her brother to engage with © Macaire Everett

Camden’s first chalk trip was to Paris, followed by Moscow, Sydney and New York City. The creative illustrations include a scene of him at Abbey Road holding a stop sign in front of The Beatles, steering a gondola through the canals of Venice, viewing a painting that was recreated from the Art Institute of Chicago, posing at the Great Wall of China and stepping into a kayak at Lake Louise at Banff National Park in Canada.

hot air balloons Macaire Everett
The project has inspired people all over the world © Macaire Everett

With over 15,000 followers on Instagram, Macaire’s art and creativity has really spoken to people all over the world. “I met my goal of chalking 100 days in a row on 4 July.  I want to continue since Cam and I are still having fun and there's more exciting places he can 'visit'.  We are excited to hear from so many people that this makes them happy. We really love when people ask Camden to 'visit' their country, so my next goal is to take him to as many of those places as possible. We hope that this chalk art will spread joy to many people and give people a travel preview until it's safe to travel again,” Macaire said.

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