There are many ways to sleep out in nature, and over the past few decades, technological innovations have made the experience more comfortable, thrilling and satisfying. The latest example of this is ARK, an elevated hammock-style tent that has a pop-up inflatable frame for ease of use. The project is seeking crowdfunding now, ideally from those who love to explore the great outdoors and see this as a great way to camp outside.

Unveiled by Exod, the first prototype of the tent was exhibited back in 2015, with developments being worked on ever since. The company’s CEO Dorian Fleuri was inspired to create the tent following a solo world tour that he took eight years ago, sketching ideas in a notebook as he travelled from country to country. “This concept is unique for its ease of installation, its versatility, its stability in a suspended position, and the feeling of immersion it provides,” he told Lonely Planet. 

ARK Tent backpack
The tent folds up into a backpack © Antonin Grenier

Made in France with industrial partners that manufacture for companies in the military, aeronautics and sport sectors, the tent was created to be practical and comfortable to accompany outdoor activities. It can be used on the ground as well as being suspended and stabilized from vehicles, rocks, trees, bridges and other objects and terrains. It has an inflatable exoskeleton that pops up quickly, developed based on kitesurfing technology, while the tent can also be packed away to a compact size. Extendable carbon frames allow the tent to be elevated above the ground, and it even had storage departments underneath and above.

ARK tent
The tent has a clear skylight for stargazing © Antonin Grenier

Currently seeking backers on Kickstarter, the ARK has been made with a waterproof, breathable fabric. “People who have tested the product are always amazed about the stability, it feels like the tent is frozen in the air. They also love the transparent roof which allows you to have the feeling of sleeping under the stars while being protected from the elements,” Dorian said.

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