Airstream has unveiled two brand new additions to their beloved travel trailer lineup with the Basecamp 20 and the more rugged, trail-friendly Basecamp 20X. 

Announced recently by the company, the trailers expand on the popular Basecamp 16, but with additional features. The 16-foot Basecamp 20 has more space, with an increased length, width and height, and has the ability to be towed by a midsize SUV or small truck. It includes a larger convertible rear bed with flexible living, sleeping and eating positions, with a front dinette that comfortably seats up to four adults and sleeps one person. There are more storage locations throughout the interior for gear, while the trailer comes in three finishes, Glacier Lake, Red Rock and Forest Ridge. The trailer has been designed to focus on socializing, making it a fun experience to travel with or meet up with friends and family on the road. Optional additions include solar panels with a controller, a microwave and an air conditioner.

Airstream Basecamp
The trailers are focused on socializing with loved ones © Airstream

The Basecamp 20X has been designed for off-road lovers, and has larger tires and more ground clearance. “Basecamp originally launched in 2007 and its redesign in 2016 became one of the most celebrated travel trailers in our towable line-up,” said Bob Wheeler, CEO and President of Airstream. “We created it for those who want to get out and explore nature in an easy-to-use, durable, and efficient vehicle. This new, larger Basecamp 20 was born out of feedback that owners wanted more space, more flexibility, and the option to have separate spaces for eating and sleeping.”

Airstream cabin sleeping
The dining area transforms into a sleeping space © Airstream

The company says that with COVID-19 putting a halt on international travel, it is the perfect time for people to begin exploring other options. “This new product offering comes at a time when many weary travelers are avoiding crowded airports and train stations, and are instead choosing RVs to explore the country in a safe, convenient way,” the company said. More information is available at the official Airstream website.

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