Airline snacks are one of the things we look forward to most on a flight, but with so many flights grounded thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we're not getting to enjoy our favourite on-board treats. However, if you're a fan of United's stroopwafel or Jetblue's snack pack, you can now order them to your home.

A flight attendant serving customers on an airplane
Snacks are one of the things we look forward to on flights © Compassionate Eye Foundation/Justin Pumfrey

The Jetblue snack boxes are available from Imperfect Foods, which aims to eliminate food waste and support farmers and food purveyors when it comes to excess product. It received 40,000 cheese snack trays to repurpose to offer customers a selection of Emmi Roth’s best-selling cheeses with crackers, almonds and dried cherries for half the price they are usually offered on airlines.

The JetBlue cheese pack
Emmi Roth’s cheeses with crackers, almonds and dried cherries can be bought online © Imperfect Foods

"Since airlines, restaurants, cafeterias and other large food suppliers have been left unexpectedly with vast supply, we’ve seen an increased response from incoming businesses to help find a home for their products," it says. "This supplier was an existing partner, and we’ve worked with them in the past when they needed help moving through surplus cheeses. They reached out because they had excess snack trays that they produced for airline customers."

Two women eating on a plane
Passengers may be missing the in-flight snacks © Caiaimage/Rafal Rodzoch

We know fans of the stroopwafels served on United Airlines are dedicated because they took to social media in droves to complain when the Dutch waffles were temporarily replaced as an inflight snack back in 2018. United has now partnered with supplier Daelmans to offer a 15% discount on home delivery stroopwafels, and has shared recipes for banana bread and ice cream sandwiches that can be made at home.

Travel News - Stroopwafel
Fans of the stroopwafel snack can order them to their house © United Airlines

Further information on the stroopwafel recipes is available here.

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