We’re all looking forward to a time when we can travel freely again, so it’s well to be aware of new etiquette that is being put in place around flying. Chief among these is the requirement by some airlines for passengers to wear face masks for the time being, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crew members have already been wearing masks, but JetBlue will require all passengers to wear masks or face coverings from 4 May when checking in, boarding and deplaning. They are also advised to wear them throughout the airport. Facial coverings will also be mandatory when flying with airlines in the Lufthansa Group from 4 May, including Eurowings, SunExpress, Germanwings and Brussels Airlines.

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Wearing masks is recommended throughout the entire travel journey by some airlines © Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images

Lufthansa recommends their usage throughout the entire travel journey, including at the airport before and after the flight. Reusable fabric masks are recommended, but all other types of coverings, such as disposable masks or scarves, are also sound alternatives. The obligation to wear the mask on board will primarily apply until 31 August.

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Wearing face masks can help stem the spread of the coronavirus © Pollyana Ventura/Getty Images

It is mandatory for all passengers flying to or from Canada to wear a face mask or face covering. All Air Canada passengers are required to comply with this government mandate. Malaysia Airlines has also required passengers to wear face masks since 23 April, and Korean Air demands it too. While not yet mandatory, other airlines like American Airlines and Delta will strongly encourage passengers to wear face masks and will make them available at ticket counters, gates and onboard planes.

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