Baggi (Mul) Dhoka

The Terai & Mahabharat Range

The local governor used to ride out to greet his subjects on an elephant through this grand gateway south of Sitalpati.

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1. Sitalpati

0.02 MILES

The main square in Tansen is dominated by (and named after) a curious octagonal pavilion, used for public functions in the days when Tansen was ruled by…

2. Tansen Durbar

0.08 MILES

At the southern end of Sitalpati is the striking red Tansen Durbar, which has been nicely restored after being razed during one of the Maoist insurgency’s…

3. Amar Narayan Mandir

0.14 MILES

At the bottom of Asan Tole (the steep road running east from Sitalpati), the Amar Narayan Mandir is a classic three-tiered, pagoda-style wooden temple…