Sulphur Springs Viewpoint

Fish River Canyon

The view from this lookout is one of the best along the route. It's a fine place to rest and to contemplate Fish River Canyon's massive gash in the earth.

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Nearby Fish River Canyon attractions

1. Sulphur Springs

0.54 MILES

Sulphur Springs (more commonly called Palm Springs) is an excellent campsite with thermal sulphur pools (a touch of paradise) to soothe your aching…

2. The Edge

0.63 MILES

Landmark near the canyon's northern end.

6. Dolerite Dyke


A corner of the canyon, surrounded on three sides by high rocky walls.

7. Main Viewpoint

4.23 MILES

This viewpoint has probably the best – and most photographed – overall canyon outlook, with views that take in the sharp river bend known as Hell's Corner…