Must-see attractions in Fish River Canyon

  • Sulphur Springs

    Sulphur Springs (more commonly called Palm Springs) is an excellent campsite with thermal sulphur pools (a touch of paradise) to soothe your aching…

  • Main Viewpoint

    This viewpoint has probably the best – and most photographed – overall canyon outlook, with views that take in the sharp river bend known as Hell's Corner…

  • Hikers' Viewpoint

    Hikers’ Viewpoint, a few kilometres north of Main Viewpoint (at the start of the hiking trail), is one of the most stunning lookouts in the area, with…

  • Kooigoedhoogte Pass

    From atop this pass, you’ll have a superb view of Four Finger Rock, an impressive rock tower consisting of four thick pinnacles (though they more closely…

  • Four Finger Rock

    An impressive rock tower consisting of four thick pinnacles (though they more closely resemble a cow’s udder than fingers) that can be seen from…

  • Sulphur Springs Viewpoint

    The view from this lookout is one of the best along the route. It's a fine place to rest and to contemplate Fish River Canyon's massive gash in the earth.

  • Thilo von Trotha's Grave

    At the southern end of Kooigoedhoogte Pass, on the west bank of the river, lies the grave of Lieutenant Thilo von Trotha, who was killed here in a 1905…

  • Rock Pinnacle

    Important landmark rock formation visible from numerous points along the canyon hike.

  • Dolerite Dyke

    A corner of the canyon, surrounded on three sides by high rocky walls.

  • Kanebis Bend

    Between Three Sisters rock formation and Kooigoedhoogte Pass.

  • Hell's Corner

    Sharp river bend between Main and Hikers' Viewpoints.

  • Kraal

    Down near the Ai-Ais section of the canyon.

  • The Edge

    Landmark near the canyon's northern end.

  • Bushy Corner

    An area of dense thorn scrub around 30km beyond Sulphur Springs.