Okonjima Nature Reserve


The 200-sq-km Okonjima Nature Reserve is the epicentre of one of Namibia's most impressive conservation programs. Home of the AfriCat Foundation (www.africat.com), it protects cheetahs and other carnivores rescued from human-wildlife conflict situations across the country, and gives them room to move. Aside from excellent accommodation and fascinating education programs, Okonjima offers the chance to track wild leopards, as well as cheetahs, African wild dogs and (coming soon) lions within the reserve. Day visitors are welcome, but we recommend staying here for a minimum of two nights.

Only those staying overnight at the lodges or campsites can take part in most of the activities, which include cheetah and leopard tracking. There are also a number of self-guided walks, with maps available from the AfriCat Day Visitors Centre, lodges, or camp manager. There are also first-rate guides and the chance to be a part of something that makes a genuine difference.

Day visitors can join the 1½-hour tours that leave from the AfriCat Day Centre. The tours take you to AfriCat Care Centre – where you'll learn about the AfriCat story and the foundation's programs, as well as visit a large enclosure where cheetahs are held awaiting their return to the wild. You'll also receive a light lunch as part of the tour.

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