Franke Tower


In January 1904 Omaruru was attacked by Herero forces under chief Manassa. German captain Victor Franke, who had been engaged in suppressing an uprising in southern Namibia, petitioned Governor Leutwein for permission to march north and relieve the besieged town. After a 20-day, 900km march, Franke arrived in Omaruru and led the cavalry charge, which defeated the Herero attack. For his efforts, Franke received the highest German military honours, and in 1908 the grateful German residents of Omaruru erected the Franke Tower in his honour.

The tower, which was declared a national monument in 1963, holds a historical plaque and affords a view over the town. It’s normally locked, though if you want to climb it you can pick up a key at the Central Hotel.

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