Sakyamanaung Paya

Rakhine State

Roughly half a mile northeast of the palace walls, and behind Shwegudaung hill, this graceful Mon-influenced zedi (stupa) was erected in 1629 by King Thirithudhammaraza, at a time when stupas were built more vertically and ornately than before. The lower half of the well-preserved 280ft zedi features a multi-tiered octagonal shape, as at Laungbanpyauk Paya, but beyond this the bells revert to a layered circular shape mounted by a decorative hti (umbrella-like top). You’ll see brightly painted, half-kneeling giants at the west gate.

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1. Ratanamanaung

0.32 MILES

There are good views westward from this temple looking over Shwegudaung hill.

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