Ratana San Rwe Paya & Ratana Hman Kin Paya

Rakhine State

Directly south of Mahabodhi Shwegu are these two adjacent hilltop stupas.

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1. Mahabodhi Shwegu

0.08 MILES

The highlight of this squat, little-visited temple is its passageway with bas-relief illustrations of the tribumi (Buddhist visions of heaven, earth and…

2. Laungbanpyauk Paya

0.17 MILES

This octagonal, slightly leaning zedi (stupa) was built by King Minkhaungraza in 1525. An unusual feature is its outer wall, adorned with Islamic-inspired…

3. Ratanabon Paya

0.17 MILES

This massive stupa (sometimes called Yadanapon) is ringed by 24 smaller stupas. It was apparently built by Queen Shin Htway in 1612. During WWII a bomb…

4. Andaw Thein

0.22 MILES

Andaw Thein takes the form of an eight-sided monument with a linear layout: rectangular prayer hall to the east, multispired sanctuary to the west…

5. Shittaung Paya

0.24 MILES

Shittaung means ‘Shrine of the 80,000 Images’, a reference to the number of holy images inside. King Minbin, the most powerful of Rakhine’s kings, built…

6. Ratanamanaung

0.24 MILES

There are good views westward from this temple looking over Shwegudaung hill.

8. Pitaka Taik


This compact, highly ornate stone building is one of the seven Mrauk U libraries remaining from the original 48. Today protected by a blue-and-maroon…