Haridaung Paya

Rakhine State

Built around 1750, this small white temple with fine westward views is on a hilltop just north of the palace walls. It’s a good place to get your bearings, or to view the sunset.

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1. Dukkanthein Paya

0.21 MILES

Built by King Minphalaung in 1571, Dukkanthein Paya smacks of a bunker (with stupas). Wide stone steps lead up the southern and eastern side of the…

2. Palace Museum

0.22 MILES

Just inside the palace’s western walls is the Department of Archaeology’s insufficiently illuminated but worthwhile museum. Inside you'll find an…

4. Shittaung Paya

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Shittaung means ‘Shrine of the 80,000 Images’, a reference to the number of holy images inside. King Minbin, the most powerful of Rakhine’s kings, built…

5. Andaw Thein

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Andaw Thein takes the form of an eight-sided monument with a linear layout: rectangular prayer hall to the east, multispired sanctuary to the west…

6. Laymyetnha Paya

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This poorly restored temple looks a bit like a squashed-up version of the nearby Dukkanthein, but was actually built 140 years earlier, making it the…

7. Ratanabon Paya

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This massive stupa (sometimes called Yadanapon) is ringed by 24 smaller stupas. It was apparently built by Queen Shin Htway in 1612. During WWII a bomb…

8. Ratanamanaung

0.34 MILES

There are good views westward from this temple looking over Shwegudaung hill.