Peisi Daung Paya

Rakhine State

Sitting on a hilltop, this unrestored four-door pagoda is thought to predate the Mrauk U period. Climb to the top, push your way past the rubble and cobwebs and inside you'll find four sandstone buddha images, three of which have marble eyes – ostensibly added later by merit-seeking monks. The view from the top, of seemingly endless hillocks that were each allegedly home to some sort of Buddhist monument, puts Mrauk U's former wealth and glory in perspective.

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1. Kothaung Paya

0.19 MILES

One of Mrauk U’s star attractions, Kothaung Paya is also the area's largest temple. It was built in 1553 by King Minbin’s son, King Mintaikkha, to outdo…

2. Pharaouk Paya

0.31 MILES

The name of this hilltop temple can be interpreted as meaning 'holding control of the people'. Its 29 niches with sitting buddha statues are a reference…

3. Sakyamanaung Paya

0.69 MILES

Roughly half a mile northeast of the palace walls, and behind Shwegudaung hill, this graceful Mon-influenced zedi (stupa) was erected in 1629 by King…

4. Shwetaung Paya

0.88 MILES

Southeast of the palace, the ‘Golden Hill Pagoda’ is the highest in Mrauk U. Built by King Minbin in 1553, it’s accessed by a few trails largely lost…

5. Ratanamanaung

0.96 MILES

There are good views westward from this temple looking over Shwegudaung hill.

7. Mahabodhi Shwegu

1.13 MILES

The highlight of this squat, little-visited temple is its passageway with bas-relief illustrations of the tribumi (Buddhist visions of heaven, earth and…

8. Ratanabon Paya

1.17 MILES

This massive stupa (sometimes called Yadanapon) is ringed by 24 smaller stupas. It was apparently built by Queen Shin Htway in 1612. During WWII a bomb…