Kyauk Pahto

Myanmar (Burma)

This pretty pagoda is located on an artificial rock about two-thirds of the way along the beach.

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Nearby Myanmar (Burma) attractions

1. Village Market

0.34 MILES

Get up early if you want to browse the village market, located behind Chaung Tha's bus station.

2. Aung Mingalar Island

1.01 MILES

From the far southern end of Chaung Tha Beach you can take a boat (K1000 return) to this nearby island, where there's a small fishing village and the Aung…

3. Shwe Wetluu Paya

22.55 MILES

Escape the crowds by venturing across to the west bank of the Pathein River and strolling through the village to find this attractive pagoda complex with…

4. City Hall

22.71 MILES

Pathein's 1950s-era seat of government.

5. Parasol Monument

22.73 MILES

Pathein's most famous craft product is celebrated in this attractive monument at the southern end of Strand Rd.

7. Shwemokhtaw Paya

22.86 MILES

This centuries-old golden stupa looms over Pathein like a glittering beacon. The hti (stupa pinnacle) consists of a topmost layer made from 14lb of solid…

8. Twenty-Eight Paya

23.06 MILES

This rectangular shrine contains 28 sitting and 28 standing buddha images – many of them jazzed up with flashing lights giving the place a carnival…