Shwe Wetluu Paya

Myanmar (Burma)

Escape the crowds by venturing across to the west bank of the Pathein River and strolling through the village to find this attractive pagoda complex with a small golden zedi, a hall of standing buddhas and other colourfully painted statuary. Look out for the small shrine sheltering a gilded pig.

The foot-passenger ferry here leaves from near the Chinese Temple on Strand Rd, just south of The First Hotel.

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1. Parasol Monument


Pathein's most famous craft product is celebrated in this attractive monument at the southern end of Strand Rd.

3. City Hall

0.47 MILES

Pathein's 1950s-era seat of government.

4. Shwemokhtaw Paya


This centuries-old golden stupa looms over Pathein like a glittering beacon. The hti (stupa pinnacle) consists of a topmost layer made from 14lb of solid…

5. St Peter's Cathedral

0.63 MILES

The focal point of a Catholic educational compound is this 1872-vintage cathedral, distinctively plastered emerald green. If you're not here for daily…

6. Twenty-Eight Paya

1.13 MILES

This rectangular shrine contains 28 sitting and 28 standing buddha images – many of them jazzed up with flashing lights giving the place a carnival…

7. Mahabodhi Mingala Zedi

1.13 MILES

About 2 miles south of central Pathein stands this temple patterned after the Mahabodhi stupa in Bodhgaya, India.

8. Tagaung Mingala Zeditaw


This pagoda is centred on a graceful stupa that sweeps inward from a wide, whitewashed base to a gleaming silver superstructure. There's also a new giant…