One of Taunggyi's four mosques.

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2. Mosque

0.15 MILES

Mosque in downtown Taunggyi.

4. St Joseph's Cathedral

0.25 MILES

The principal place of worship for Taunggyi's Roman Catholics. The church dates back to 1873, but was rebuilt in 1951. The cathedral is closed outside of…

5. Market

0.35 MILES

Taunggyi's main market is the busiest place in town from the early morning to the mid-afternoon.

6. Yat Taw Mu Pagoda

0.52 MILES

This Buddhist temple in the southwest of Taunggyi is dominated by a 60ft-high standing Buddha.

7. Shan State Cultural Museum & Library

0.53 MILES

In addition to the usual displays of local ethnic-group outfits, you’ll also find a handful of exhibits of weapons, musical instruments and jewellery…

8. St George Anglican Church

0.63 MILES

Smaller than its Catholic counterpart and in need of some repairs, this is the main church for Taunggyi's Anglican community. The church is locked outside…