Produce Market

Northern Myanmar

This riverside market specialises in colourful heaps of Chinese fruit and local vegetables. Many of the latter arrive by canoe and are then lugged up the rear stairway on shoulder poles. At dawn this creates an unforgettable spectacle with boats gliding in across shimmering golden water backed by a rising sun. Directly southwest is the architecturally drab but internally colourful Myo Ma Market.

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1. Myo Ma Market

0.07 MILES

Bland architecture aside, the main market is buzzing with commerce throughout the day and the streets surrounding it come alive for the night market.

2. Kachin State Cultural Museum


A small museum with some interesting displays of the highly varied Kachin and Shan costumes as well as the usual assortment of instruments, farming tools…

3. Hsu Taung Pye Zedidaw

0.88 MILES

This gilded ‘wish-fulfilling’ pagoda is the town’s most eye-catching religious building, sitting on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River at the north end of…

4. Aung Ze Yan Aung Paya

2.51 MILES

Just east of the airport, this large pagoda is surrounded by arcing ranks of about 1000 identical little buddhas sitting in the grounds.

5. Myit-Son

22.87 MILES

About 25 miles north of Myitkyina, Myit-Son marks the point where the Mayhka and Malikha rivers come together to form the Ayeyarwady. It’s considered a…