Thanboddhay Paya

Top choice in Myanmar (Burma)

This colourful, modern temple is famed for its staggering number of buddha images as well as its carnivalesque exterior, with a unique roof layered with rows of gilt ministupas. Its flanks burst gaudily bright colours and are offset by 30ft-high concrete obelisks set with uncountable minuscule buddha shapes. The multiarched temple interior is plastered with so many buddha images (5,823,631 according to temple guardians), large and small, that it feels like you're walking through a buddha house of mirrors.

Thanboddhay's kitsch fest continues in the surrounding pastel-hued monks' quarters and with two huge, white, concrete elephants, complete with temples mounted on their backs, at the site's gateway. It's about 1 mile off the Mandalay road, 6 miles from Monywa.

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