Setse Beach

Beach in Mawlamyine

This is not a picture-postcard beach by any stretch of the imagination, but as the grime of travel washes away, you probably won’t care. This low-key Gulf of Mottama (Martaban) beach, around 50 miles southwest of Mawlamyine, is a very wide, brown-sand strip. The beach is lined with waving casuarina trees and has been a popular spot for outings since colonial times. Though a few locals stop by for a swim, almost no foreigners visit this area and facilities are minimal.

At low tide you can walk along the beach to the small temple on the rocks at the northern end.

You can stay at the privately owned Shwe Moe Guesthouse, which has spacious but run-down beach bungalows. A few modest restaurants offer fresh seafood, including the Pyay Son Oo Restaurant, which is very close to the hotel.