Pa Laeng Gate

Historic gate in downtown Kyaingtong.

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2. Wat Mahamuni

0.32 MILES

In the middle of a traffic roundabout, Wat Mahamuni is a classic Thai-style wat with a richly painted interior.

3. Colony House

0.36 MILES

Visitors weren't allowed inside this handsome building from the colonial era at the time of research, but you can take photos from outside.

4. Central Market

0.37 MILES

Kyaingtong's central market is one of the most fascinating in Myanmar, playing host to a diverse mix of hill peoples, especially early in the morning. It…

5. Wat In

0.38 MILES

Just north of Airport Rd, Wat In contains a stunning collection of ancient gilded wooden buddha images in all shapes, sizes and positions.

6. Wat Jong Kham

0.47 MILES

The gilded stupa of Wat Jong Kham rises majestically above the centre of town. Legend dates the wat to a visit by Gautama Buddha but a more likely date…

7. Nyaung Toung

0.59 MILES

This attractive lake sits in the centre of town and is surrounded by what is left of Kyaingtong's British-era architecture. In the evening the lake is the…

8. Cultural Museum


This lacklustre museum has a small collection of ethnic clothing, farming implements.and other hill-people objects, some inexplicably painted silver.