Former DC's House

Northern Myanmar

The 1928 DC’s House was actually completed just after George Orwell’s stay, but its unmistakable style would fit McGregor, the subject of Orwell's Burmese Days. Three families now live there and Daw Wei Wei Dwin sometimes shows visitors into the original (much decayed) drawing room.

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1. Former British Club

0.25 MILES

The half-timbered former British Club is now used as an association office and has been much rebuilt since George Orwell's time.

2. Tennis Club

0.34 MILES

The 1924 Tennis Club dates from George Orwell's time.

3. St Paul’s Anglican Church

0.49 MILES

The George Orwell–era St Paul’s Anglican Church collapsed in 2007 and has been replaced by a new church part-sponsored by troops from the Princess of…

4. Police Commissioner's House

0.65 MILES

George Orwell is said to have lived at the comfy, two-storey police commissioner’s house, which is still used as such, so it’s not advisable to knock on…

5. Old Shwegu

28.01 MILES

Around 450yd west of the central jetty is a stretch of relatively old wooden houses. Further inland is an area of tree-shaded footpaths and alleys that…

6. An Daw Paya

29.83 MILES

This eye-catching ornate pagoda lies in a rural mainland field, directly across the river from Shwe Baw Kyune and around 2 miles south of central Shwegu…