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The Mandalay 'combo ticket' is theoretically required to visit Inwa, but it's only checked if you enter Bagaya Kyaung or Maha Aungmye Bonzan.

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Culture Show at Karaweik Palace Yangon with International Buffet Dinner

Karaweik Palace is not only a landmark of Yangon City but also the whole Myanmar Country. The image of Karaweik used for Royal places as Myanmar Cultural brand, you could see it on the former Myanmar currency 10 kyats note and also use this image as brand loo by local companies.Karaweik Palace building was built in the form of Royal Barge, right in the heart of the Yangon City and facing to the magnificent Shwe Dagon Pagoda, this place meant to the people who take their leisure time to be joyful with the natural scenery, enchanted view of the Shwe Dagon Pagoda and to be seen the 10 Arts of Myanmar Culture. Karaweik Palace offers International Buffet dinner with Cultural Show and delightful A la Carte lunch during lunchtime. The costumes and decorations at Karaweik Palace look so real you may even feel like you are time traveling. In Karaweik Palace, one may find some of the periods such as Pyu, Inwa, Kone Baung, Amarapura, Sitt Kyo (Pre War Period) and Sitt Pii (Post War Period). International buffet dinner with cultural show starts from 6pm to 9pm.

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Private Half-Day Ava Tour from Mandalay

Your guide and driver will be waiting for you in your Mandalay hotel for a 20 kilometer drive to Ava (around a 45 minutes’ drive). Go to the former Royal Capital at Ava (Inwa), we include a short boat trip, where further exploration by horse-cart offers the opportunity to discover the picturesque ruins and surrounding countryside at a relaxed and more tranquil pace. Sightseeing will include the teak monastery of Bagaya Kyaung (famous for its impressive ornate woodcarvings and teak posts) and the former royal monastery temple known as Maha Aungmye Bonzan, completely built of brick and stucco. Also the top of Nanmyin (Inwa tower) will be part of this visit, affording great views of the surrounding area. Also called ‘the Leaning tower of Ava’, this important relic from centuries ago remains the only remains of the old palace building and remains standing up until today. On your way back to Mandalay, we of course cannot skip to make a stop in Amarapura to see the iconic U Bein teak bridge, built in 1782 when Amarapura was Royal Capital. Spanning the Taungthaman Lake, this 1.2 kilometer long bridge is the longest teak footbridge in the world. It is often busy with locals ‘commuting’ back and forth which makes for an attractive photo opportunity.As the region is well-known for its handicraft industry, particularly for silk and cotton weaving and bronze casting, optional stops (time permitting) can be organized to witness the skills of these artisans on the way back to Mandalay and your hotel.

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Private Tour: Sagaing and Inwa from Mandalay including Lunch

Our driver will pick you up from your hotel at 8am in Mandalay and head to Sagaing Hill, a religious center for Buddhist devotees. The views across the river and surrounding hills are spectacular. We will visit Umin Thonesae and Soon Oo Ponya Shin Pagoda overlooking Ayeyarwaddy River. There are many visitors who come here to pay respects and pray at its main Buddha statue.Next, we continue the tour to Pahtodawgyi Pagoda which is an unfinished huge pagoda, damaged and made unstable to continue building by an earthquake. Adjacent to the pagoda is the Mingun Bell, the world’s second largest bell and the world’s biggest bell among the ringing ones. We will visit Myatheindan Pagoda before move on to Inwa.You will embark on a boat and depart to Inwa which lies at the confluence of the Ayeyarwaddy and Dohtawati Rivers. Upon arrival, you will take a horse-cart ride and sightseeing some main tourist attractions and landmarks, such as Maha Aung Myae Bonsan, Mai Nu Oak Kyaung (Brick Monsatery), 30m high masonry watchtower (Nan Myint) and learning tower of Inwa and Bagaya Monastery made of 267 teak pillars. Our driver will transfer you back to your hotel after a wondering experience in Sagaing and Inwa.

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Ancient Capitals of Myanmar Full Day Tour from Mandalay

The Tour: Ancient Capitals of MyanmarToday the capital of Myanmar is Naypyidaw but over the centuries the ‘seat of power’ for this country has changed many times. This excursion gives the opportunity to take a trip back in time and visit three of the ancient capitals Inwa, Sagaing and Amarapura. Pick up is from your Mandalay hotel at 8am to transfer to Inwa, which along with Mandalay is probably Myanmar’s most famous ancient capital. The ruins of this kingdom from the 14th to the 19th Century are still visible today, although it was eventually abandoned following an earthquake. You will be taken around this fascinating town by horse cart, whilst your guide highlights buildings such as monasteries and the Nan Myint Watch Tower. Onwards by transfer then to the riverside city of Sagaing, famous for its hundreds of white and gold pagodas which adorn the hills surrounding it. Visit the most famous shrine in the area Soon U Ponya Shin Pagoda originally built in 1312 and pause for a traditional Myanmar lunch at the top of Sagaing hill, with sweeping views over all of Mandalay. The final visit of the day is to Amarapura, meaning ‘City of Immortality’, famous for its dramatic U Bein Bridge, built around 1850 and believed to be the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world. Here you can explore the city and wander through this leafy suburb of Mandalay, before witnessing sunset and the final transfer of the day to your hotel. Please dress conservatively covering shoulders and knees.

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Day Trip to Sagaing Ava and Amarapura from Mandalay

Our driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby in Mandalay around 8:30am and head to the world largest teak bridge, U Bein Bridge built in 1782. Then, visit Mahagadayon Monastery, a famous Buddhist Monastery where more than a thousand monks live and study. Next, we move to Ava (Inwa) by a ferry ride from Myitnge River. Upon arrival, hop on a horse-cart offers you the opportunity to discover the picturesque ruins and surrounding countryside at a relaxed and more tranquil pace. Visit the teak monastery of Bagaya Kyaung (famous for its impressive ornate woodcarvings and teak posts) and the former royal monastery temple known as Maha Aungmye Bonzan, completely built of brick and stucco.Our final stop of the day is at Sagaing. Sagaing is considered to be the living centre of Buddhism in Myanmar and the hundreds of monasteries and temples reverberate with the echoes of cymbals, gongs and Pagoda bells. We will visit Oominthonese Pagoda and Swanoopinyashin Pagoda. After the tour, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Mandalay.

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Private Full-Day Ancient Cities, Pagodas & Sunset Tour

Start your Mandalay tour by traveling 20 kilometers southwest of the city to arrive at Pagoda Nirvana, or Sagaing as it’s known on the map. Sagaing is an important religious center that’s home to dozens of monasteries and hundreds of monks. Pagoda towers dot the pretty landscape to make for picture-perfect, bucket list inspired photography. You will visit the University of Sitagu to learn more about Buddhism and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment before making a stop at Myasetkyar Monastery, famous for its giant (huge) standing Buddha statue. Here, you will observe the monk’s lunchtime parade and rituals.  Then, get whisked off on a public ferry and into a horse-drawn cart, which will take you to Inwa, the ancient capital of Myanmar on the other side of the Irrawaddy River. By now, you will have worked up an appetite so you will stop at a riverside restaurant to sample some local dishes such as 'mohinga' (rice noodle and fish soup) and 'laphet thohk' (pickled tea leaf salad). Inwa used to be the capital of Myanmar, so it is rich in history. There are some stunning monasteries and pagoda complexes to explore, including the Yadana Hsimi Pagodas, a little tumbledown roofless collection of several stupas and three Buddhas. Much of the former royal city has been reclaimed by mother nature and agriculture, so as well as weaving your way around crumbling architectural gems, you will also walk through luscious fields of banana trees and see rice being sown in one of the paddies.  Your lost stop of the day will be Amarapura, another former capital known for its silk and cotton weaving industry. Here, you will navigate one of the most photographed sites in Myanmar, the Ubein Bridge — an impressive teak structure that claims to be the longest wooden bridge in the world at 1.2 kilometers. The monks who use the bridge to cross Lake Taungthaman every day often take time to talk to visitors in order to practice their language skills. Then, a brilliant orange sunset awaits you. This will be the time to reflect on your day, gazing at the antiquated bridge with the sun setting behind it. One of the fundamental teachings of Buddhism is to develop the mind. Take this Mandalay tour with an amazing local guide and give your mind the workout it deserves.