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Southern Mozambique

For more than 500 years, visitors have been marvelling at the beauty of the southern Mozambican coastline, and today this area is the most developed part of the country for tourism. From Ponta d’Ouro, with its pounding surf and windswept dunes, to the serene lagoons and shallow coastal lakes between Bilene and Závora, and the legendary beaches of Tofo and Barra, it boasts some of the most beautiful stretches of sand on the continent. It also offers a wealth of cultural highlights. These include the famed timbila (marimba) orchestras of the Chopi people and rich traditional lore, much of which focuses on the old kingdom of Gaza.

Tourism infrastructure is fast expanding and caters to all budgets. Transport links are good, with sealed major roads and a reliable bus network. For an easy introduction to Mozambique or a beach holiday, the south is a good place to start.

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