Sena Island

Northern Mozambique

About 2km south of Goa Island is Sena Island. It takes its name from its location along the old sea route aiming towards the trading centre of Sena, on the Zambezi River. It’s rocky, accessed with difficulty and seldom visited, although it has a lovely lagoon. Boat trips can be organised with Genito Magic Tour, among others, for around US$10 per person (for a group of four).

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1. Goa Island

2.02 MILES

This tiny island (known locally as Watólofu) is about 5km east of Mozambique Island. It has a lighthouse that was built during the 1870s, and is today run…

2. São Lourenço Island

3.78 MILES

Just off the southern tip of Mozambique Island is this tiny island, which is completely covered by an eponymous fort dating from 1695. You can walk across…

3. Church of Santo António

3.78 MILES

At the southern end of the island, overlooking Makuti Town and the fishing port, is the large (and no longer used) Church of Santo António. Nearby is a…

4. Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte

4.05 MILES

In the shadow of the São Sebastião fort on the island’s northern tip is the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte, built in 1522 and considered to be the…

5. Igreja da Saúde

4.05 MILES

This handsome neoclassical edifice dates from 1633, when it was founded by the Capuchins. The neoclassicism is the result of a early-19th-century refurb.

6. Camões Statue

4.05 MILES

Looking like a cross between Shakespeare and Cervantes, this statue of Portuguese poet Luís de Camões stands sentinel over a small triangular park by the…

7. Hindu Temple

4.06 MILES

Incredible diversity exists on tiny Mozambique Island, a fact reflected in this Hindu temple located next to the main market a stone's throw from a mosque…

8. Hospital

4.07 MILES

Second only to the Fort of São Sebastião in size and grandiosity, this imposing neoclassical hospital was built by the Portuguese in 1877. For a time it…