Goa Island

Northern Mozambique

This tiny island (known locally as Watólofu) is about 5km east of Mozambique Island. It has a lighthouse that was built during the 1870s, and is today run by a lighthouse keeper and his family, who have lived on Goa for more than 20 years. The lighthouse is now solar powered and according to the keeper the batteries give out about 1am. You can climb to the top for views. Below is a lovely beach.

The island’s name comes from its position on the sea route from Goa (India), which was the base for the Portuguese Mozambican government between 1509 and 1662.

Boat charter from Mozambique Island costs from Mtc1000 for four passengers; check with your hotel for a reliable captain. Be prepared for choppy seas, and tidal limits on the length of time you can spend on the island. Allow about 40 minutes one way with favourable winds and currents; in unfavourable conditions, allow at least double this.