Inhaca Island

On Inhaca’s southwestern edge is a marine-biology research station and a small museum with specimens of local fauna. Transport can be arranged through Restaurante Lucas. Otherwise, it’s a 50-minute walk from the ferry dock.

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Nearby Inhaca Island attractions

1. Inhaca Island Marine Reserve System

2.72 MILES

Since 1965, much of Inhaca and the surrounding waters have been protected as marine and forest reserves. Entry to the reserve is collected by an official…

2. President's Residence

19.71 MILES

Mozambique's presidential complex is a beautiful and impressive structure overlooking Maputo Bay. Photographs are not permitted. It is also not permitted…

3. Jardim dos Namorados

19.83 MILES

Wonderful for families, with a children's playground, pedalo rentals, lots of space, a good and inexpensive cafe and views over Maputo Bay.

5. Núcleo de Arte

20.06 MILES

This long-standing artists cooperative has frequent exhibitions featuring the work of up-and-coming artists (some of which is for sale). There’s also a…

6. Natural History Museum

20.3 MILES

The Natural History Museum, near Hotel Cardoso, is worth a stop simply to see its stately Manueline architecture and its garden with a mural by…

7. Jardim dos Professores

20.4 MILES

A pleasant, green area to while away a morning or late afternoon, with a children's playground, a small cafe, a community library and views over the…

8. 33 Storey Building

21.12 MILES

Maputo's tallest building – now known as the Mcel building because of its unmissable advertising – makes a convenient landmark.