Stećci Sites

Durmitor National Park

These mysterious carved stone tomb monuments – dating from between the 12th and 16th centuries – can be found across northern Montenegro and neighbouring Bosnia. There are two extremely significant stećci sites in Durmitor National Park (both were added to Unesco's World Heritage list in 2016): the Bare Žugića necropolis, with 300 stećci, and Grčko groblje (Greek graveyard), with 49. Many of the stones at both sites are intricately decorated.

Though neither site is signposted or staffed, they're easy to visit if you've got wheels. Around 5km south from Žabljak, turn left towards Devil's Lake (Vražje Jezero) – a gorgeous swimmable lake with a deep green centre and a lighter ring of green surrounding it. Continue on and, when you see the sign to Novakovići village, Grčko groblje can be spotted on the hill to your left; Fish Lake (Riblije Jezero) is on the right.

Continue along the road to the left and the Bare Žugića necropolis is to the left of the road, shortly after a monument topped by an Orthodox cross.

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