Tara Canyon

Top choice canyon in Durmitor National Park

Image by Vlada Z Shutterstock

Slicing through the mountains at the northern edge of the national park, the Tara River forms one of the world’s deepest canyons (1300m; the Grand Canyon plummets a mere 200m deeper).

The best views are from the water, and rafting along the river is one of the country's most popular tourist activities. If you’d rather admire the canyon from afar, head to the top of Mt Ćurevac (1625m) – although even this view is restricted by the canyon walls.

The viewpoint isn't well signposted and can be difficult to find. From Žabljak's central square, take the main road east and before you leave the town, turn left at a sign reading 'Restoran Momčilov Grad'. Shortly after, turn right and follow this road as it climbs the hill. Where there are any forks, chose the road that loops up and follow any signs that say 'Tepca'. Eventually there are some small wooden signs pointing to Ćurevac or vidikovac (viewpoint). Stop at the grassy parking spot with the national park information boards and clamber up the small track behind.