Khurkh Valley


About 24km east of Baldan Bereeven Khiid, on the dirt track that leads to Binder, you'll pass through the green mountains and squiggly river of the Khurkh Valley. What's here? Nothing. As in, no people. Or fences. Or anything man-made. It's simply an exceptionally beautiful place in very sparsely populated country. Go ahead. Camp. Pick your nose. No one is watching.

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Nearby Mongolia attractions

1. Deer Stones

7.43 MILES

This series of deer stones, which may have served as burial markers during the Bronze and Iron ages, can be found about 17km past Baldan Bereeven Khiid,…

2. Baldan Bereeven Khiid

14.94 MILES

At its peak, Baldan Bereeven Khiid was one of the three largest monasteries in Mongolia, home to 5000 lamas and thousands more pilgrims and monastic…

3. Öglögchiin Kherem

25.19 MILES

Literally ‘Almsgivers Wall’, but also known as ‘Chinggis Khaan’s Castle’, this 3.2km-long stone wall, believed to date from the 8th century, stretches…

4. Ovoo

27.84 MILES

Close to the turn-off to Öglögchiin Kherem, this is the most important ovoo (shamanistic collection of stones, wood or other offerings to the gods) in the…

5. Rashaan Khad

28.2 MILES

Place this site anywhere else in the world and it would be the centrepiece of an archaeological museum. In Mongolia, it is a largely forgotten rock –…