Archaeological Site in Southeastern Campeche

The buildings of Hormiguero date as far back as AD 50; the city (whose modern name is Spanish for ‘anthill’) flourished during the late Classic period. Until recent times, the site was not easy to reach; and even today the road, although mostly sealed, is largely overgrown and riddled with potholes. Hormiguero has two impressive and unique buildings in an impressive, lush setting that are worth the trek. Best of all, you will almost certainly have the site to yourself.

As you enter you’ll see the 50m-long Estructura II. The facade’s chief feature is a very menacing Chenes-style monster-mouth doorway, jaws open wide, set back between a pair of Classic Río Bec tiered towers. Around the back is intact Maya stonework and the remains of several columns. Follow the arrows 60m north to reach Estructura V, with a much smaller but equally ornate open-jawed temple atop a pyramidal base. Climb the right side for a closer look at the incredibly detailed stonework, especially along the corner columns that flank the doorway.

This site is reached by heading 14km south from Xpujil's stoplight, then turning right and going 8km west on a sealed road (the final 2km are on a rough, dirt road).