Templo del Jaguar


Largely unrestored and being reclaimed by the jungle, this temple is a photographer's favorite.

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1. Templo XXIV

0.03 MILES

The height of Templo XXIV has given rise to the theory that it may also have been used for astronomical observation.

2. Templo XXII

0.05 MILES

At the eastern edge of the Grupo de las Cruces.

3. Templo XXV

0.07 MILES

The southernmost excavated structure at Palenque to date.

4. Templo XX

0.07 MILES

Discovered in 1999, Templo XX contains a red-frescoed tomb built in 540 that is currently Palenque's most active dig. Archaeologists began restoration…

5. Templo XXI

0.08 MILES

In 2002, archaeologists found a throne in Templo XXI with very fine carvings depicting Ahkal Mo’ Nahb', his ancestor the great Pakal, and his son U Pakal.

6. Templo del Sol


The Templo del Sol, on the west side of the Acrópolis Sur plaza, has the best-preserved roofcomb at Palenque. Carvings inside, commemorating Kan B’alam’s…

7. Templo de las Inscripciones


Perhaps the most celebrated burial monument in the Americas, this is the tallest and most stately of Palenque’s buildings. Constructed on eight levels,…

8. Templo de las Inscripciones Group


As you walk in from the entrance the vegetation suddenly peels away to reveal many of Palenque’s most magnificent buildings in one sublime vista. A line…