Palenque Northeastern Groups


East of the Grupo Norte, the main path crosses Arroyo Otolum. Some 70m beyond the stream, a right fork will take you to Grupo C, a set of jungle-covered buildings and plazas thought to have been lived in from about AD 750 to 800.

If you stay on the main path, you’ll descend some steep steps to a group of low, elongated buildings, probably occupied residentially from around AD 770 to 850. The path goes alongside the Arroyo Otolum, which here tumbles down a series of small falls forming natural bathing pools known as the Baño de la Reina. Unfortunately, you can’t bathe here anymore.

The path then continues to another residential quarter, the Grupo de los Murciélagos, and then crosses the Puente de los Murciélagos, a footbridge across Arroyo Otolum.

Across the bridge and a bit further downstream, a path goes west to Grupo I and Grupo II, a short walk uphill. These ruins, only partly uncovered, are in a beautiful jungle setting. The main path continues downriver to the road, where the museum is a short distance along to the right.