Grupo de los Murciélagos


The Grupo de los Murciélagos was a residential quarter.

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2. Baño de la Reina

0.06 MILES

A series of small falls tumble down to form natural bathing pools. Unfortunately, you're not allowed to bathe here.

3. Palenque Northeastern Groups

0.06 MILES

East of the Grupo Norte, the main path crosses Arroyo Otolum. Some 70m beyond the stream, a right fork will take you to Grupo C, a set of jungle-covered…

4. Museo de Sitio

0.06 MILES

Palenque’s site museum is well worth a wander, displaying finds from the site and interpreting, in English and Spanish, Palenque’s history. Highlights…

5. Grupo II

0.09 MILES

On the river, overlooking the Baño de la Reina, this small group has a lovely jungle setting.

6. Grupo I

0.13 MILES

Just north of the Grupo Norte, this small group of buildings is right before the bridge across the Arroyo Otolum, which gives access to the Grupo de los…

7. Grupo Norte

0.18 MILES

North of El Palacio is a Juego de Pelota and the handsome buildings of the Northern Group. Crazy Count de Waldeck lived in the so-called Templo del Conde,…

8. Juego de Pelota

0.19 MILES

Palenque's ball court is towards the center of the site, and overlooked by Templo X.