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Over two million broad-billed sandpipers (limicoles) have been recorded here in the winter. Other species include pink flamingos (flamant rose), white pelicans (pelican blanc), grey pelicans, royal terns (sterns royales), gull-billed terns (spatula blanche), black terns (sterne bride), white-breasted cormorants, spoonbills and several species of heron, egret and wader.The park extends 200km north from Cape Timiris. Most birds are found on sand islands in the shallow ocean. The best viewing time is between December and January, which is also the mating season. The best way to see them is by traditional fishing boat, called a lance – a recommended ecofriendly excursion. The main island, 30km long, is Tidra, and just to the west of the northern tip are two tiny islands, Niroumi and Nair. The principal launching point is Iwik, a fishing village on the main-land 6km northwest of Tidra.

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