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This region of Malaysia is fairly isolated geographically from the rest of the country and hasn't experience the large influxes of Indians and Chinese. Traditional activities such as kite flying, top spinning, songket (silk or cotton brocade) weaving and batik printing are alive and well in Terengganu.

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$17.41 Tours & Sightseeing

Chinatown Walking Tour: Wet Market, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Your tour begins at the Tourist Information Kiosk on Pagoda Street (next to Srim Mariamman Temple), where you will meet your expert local guide.Together with your guide, walk along the narrow streets between traditional pre-war shop houses and let your guide recount stories of Chinese migrants who left China and settled here in search of a better living. They worked as coolies during colonial times and stayed in the upper floors of these shop houses, sometimes with as many as 10 people in one small room.  As you move through the five-foot-ways, rediscover the old trades, such as woodwork, traditional Chinese medical halls, tea houses, calligraphy galleries, and bakeries that are still plying their trades here today.Immerse yourself in the bustling streets as your tour guide shares the origins of street names with you, from Pagoda Street to Smith Street, Waterloo Street to Terengganu street.Before long you will find yourself at the local wet market and cooked food centre. Step into the basement wet market where vendors peddle fresh fruits and veggies, sauces and livestock. Proceed to the upper floors where a congregation of local cooked food hawkers churn out yummlicious local dishes. Tease your tastebuds with a sampling of local biscuits and snacks.End the tour with visit to the Sri Mariamman and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, located on the same stretch of road – a testament to Singapore’s multi-cultural and multi-religious society. It is here that you bid goodbye to your guide and fellow walking tour mates. As it is half past noon, why not pick a restaurant that catches your fancy and sit down for a local lunch. Highlights: • Expert local guide to show you sights in Chinatown which you may have otherwise missed touring on your own. • Come up close to a Chinese wet market where vegetables, fruits, and livestocks are peddled by vendors • Visit Chinese tea houses, medical herbal halls, and a traditional Chinese bakery • Sample local biscuits • Step foot into the Hindu Sri Mariamman and Buddhist Buddha Tooth Relic temple

$956 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Snorkeling & Diving in South China Sea (Malaysia)

Enjoy a complimentary airport and hotel pickup and transfer when you arrived in Terengganu. When you arrive at the airport, there will be a 15 minutes drive to the jetty located near city centre and then it took 45 minutes to arrive Kapas Island by boat. Ones you arrive at the island, after check-in you can immediately enjoy the sandy beach and you’ll be left speechless when you first arrive. Your trip inclusive of 3 times boat fees for snorkelling & diving activities at the best spots. It’s truly an island paradise that has a strange power to keep you there longer than you planned on staying.  It’s not a rich and glamorous place with tons of 5 Star Resorts or expensive restaurants.  It’s a very minimalistic island, which is what makes it so special.  There’s not tons of electricity, or decent internet connection — meaning it’s the perfect holiday escape.You will be back to mainland in day 4 where you will experience local cultures and foods. Terengganu is known for having many of Malaysia's leading craftsmen and artisans in songket, batik, brass, wood carving, boat building and traditional carpentry. In essence Terengganu has contributed and shaped many elements of Malay culture. Terengganu songket weavers are known for the intricate designs, and innovativeness to fuse the old with new. Terengganu has a 300-year old brass industry, one of its kind in the countryTerengganu also has fascinating cuisine as many tourists from Malaysia seek out our cuisine too. Some of our notable populor dishes include nasi dagang (regarded as the state dish, made of steammed glutinous and normal rice eaten with a tuna fish curry), sata (a kind of fish pate), keropok lekor (fish saudage), keropok (fish crackers) and a variety of traditional sweets, some with whimsical names.

$90 Cultural & Theme Tours

Terengganu Country Side Tour

Drive along the picturesque countryside to the interior of Terengganu enroute, visit Terengganu keris hilt making and songket weaver, songket is a magnificent traditional Malay fabric beautifully woven in silk or cotton yarns using gold or colourful metallic treads to form traditional songket motifs. Most experienced songket weavers inherited their skills from their ancestors. Witness the traditional live style of Terengganu villagers which included stop at several cottage industries like mengkuang and pandanus weaving, dodol making, coconut sugar making, monkey pluck coconut and try young coconut juice, flesh and air tuak. (Depends on avaibality) - Picnic Lunch - Watch how charcoal being made and visit Marang fishing village.  Transfer back to Kuala Terengganu

$105 Day Trips & Excursions

Terengganu River Safari Trip

Shahbandar river taxi jetty, Cruise to the picturesque Pulau Duyung (Mermaid Island) fishing village, dot with brightly paint fishing boat. Visit a unique boat building at the fishing village of Duyung Island, beautifully squeeze in the middle of Terengganu River mouth. At the headland of Duyung Island, there is a fine view of China Town wooden stilt houses. - Cruise up to Jeram River. Along the mangrove swamp river, you will be greeted by wild animals like monitor lizard, monkeys, crabs, colourful birds, eagles and sometime an otters. Witness the traditional live style of Terengganu villagers which included stop at one of the village by the river and then proceed to State Museum (the largest museum in Southeast Asia with outdoor and indoor museum).

$100 Day Trips & Excursions

Sekayu Waterfalls & Terrapin Conservation Center From Kuala Terengganu

Transfer from Kuala Terengganu to Terrapin Conservation Centre ( Batagur baska is a species of riverine turtle) at Bukit Paloh located on the bank of the Terengganu river. Some 1,300 eggs are collected from three conservation sites between January and April every year. The centre keeps about 1,350 animals at any one time and releases an average of 600 each year. Since the programme started, about 10,000 young river terrapins have been successfully released into the Terengganu River.  Depart to Sekayu, Walk along the tropical fruit trees (durian, ciku, duku, rambutan, jambu batu, etc.) and orchid garden. (Please advice tropical fruit trees and orchid garden are seasoning)        - Picnic Lunch  - Trek through the tropical rain forest to the top layer of Sekayu Waterfall Surrounding by the green forest, dip in the cool water or just wander around the jungle.  Transfer back to Kuala Terengganu

$420 Water Sports


Pulau Tenggol or Tenggol Island is an island off the coast of Terengganu, Malaysia. It is the last island in a string of islands that include Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. It is connected by ferry to Kuala Dungun on the mainland.The island was traditionally uninhabited, but now contains hotels. Vietnamese boat people were stranded on the island in aftermath of the Vietnam War.Pulau Tenggol or Tenggol Island is an island off the coast of Terengganu, Malaysia. It is the last island in a string of islands that include Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. It is connected by ferry to Kuala Dungun on the mainland. The island was traditionally uninhabited, but now contains hotels.

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