Kenong Rimba State Park

Pahang & Tioman Island

A far less visited alternative to Taman Negara, this sprawling area of lowland forest rises to the limestone foothills bordering Taman Negara itself. The 120-sq-km forest park can be explored on one- to six-day jungle treks organised from Kuala Lipis. Sightings of big mammals are rare but expect to see monkeys, wild boar, squirrels, civets and possibly nocturnal tapir; this is also a prime destination for birdwatching. The park is home to the Batek people, an Orang Asli tribe.

Visitors need to acquire a permit issued by the Kuala Lipis District Forest Office, but usually acquired through your guide. Guides are compulsory for entry to the park and can be arranged in Kuala Lipis. Appu of Appu’s Jungle Treks in Kuala Lipis does expeditions. Park entry is RM50 per person.

Tours include food and guide, but they are no-frills jungle experiences – you camp in the park, with all equipment and meals provided. Trips go when enough people are interested, but the park is little visited so it’s best to get a group together yourself.

You will need to take a torch, insect repellent, a thin sleeping bag, decent walking shoes, a raincoat or poncho and a first aid kit. After rain, leeches are pretty much a fact of life, so consider taking high socks impregnated with insect repellent, with your trouser legs tucked into them.

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