Miri City Fan


An attractive open, landscaped park with Chinese- and Malay-style gardens and ponds that is a popular spot for walking and jogging. The complex also comprises a library, an indoor stadium and an Olympic-size public swimming pool (RM1).

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Nearby Miri attractions

1. Tua Pek Kong Temple

0.91 MILES

Miri's oldest Chinese temple was founded in 1913. During the weeklong celebration of Chinese New Year, virtually the whole of this area, including Jln…

2. Petroleum Museum

0.93 MILES

The Petroleum Museum sits atop Canada Hill, a low ridge 2km southeast of the town centre that was the site of Malaysia’s first oil well, the Grand Old…

3. San Ching Tian Temple

1.55 MILES

One of the largest Taoist temples in Southeast Asia, San Ching Tian was built in 2000. Set in a peaceful courtyard with soothing wind chimes, the temple…

4. Saberkas Weekend Market

2.03 MILES

At Saberkas, one of the most colourful and friendly markets in Sarawak, vendors are more than happy to answer questions about their produce, which…

5. Lambir Hills National Park

14.47 MILES

The 69-sq-km Lambir Hills National Park shelters dozens of jungle waterfalls, plenty of streams where you can take a cool dip, and a network of great…

6. Billionth Barrel Monument

26.78 MILES

Commemorates (you guessed it) the billionth barrel of crude oil produced at the Seria field, a landmark reached in 1991. Copper panels leading up to the…

7. Oil & Gas Discovery Centre

27.35 MILES

Puts an 'edutainment' spin on the oil industry, with hands-on exhibits aimed largely at kids. Occasional themed temporary exhibitions, too. About 700m…

8. Waterfalls

29.41 MILES

In the jungle beyond the Teraja longhouse, there are around 40 waterfalls. You can enlist a guide from the longhouse to take you to two falls that are…