Reniala Nature Reserve

Ifaty & Mangily

This is a 0.6-sq-km spiny forest full of baobab trees and some birds. There are two circuits, one of 45 minutes to an hour and the other of 1½ to two hours. The Arboretum in Tuléar is better, but this one's still worth supporting and worth a visit. There's also an on-site lemur rescue centre, with some in cages, others in semiwild enclosures in readiness for their release into the wild.

If you're here for the birds before opening time, there's usually a guide who'll show you around; a birding tour costs Ar44,000.

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1. Village des Tortues

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2. Mangrove Information Center

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3. Musée Cedratom

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4. La Table

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5. Arboretum d'Antsokay

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