Vohibola Forest

Nature Reserve in Lac Ampitabe (Akanin’ny Nofy)

Vohibola is one of the last pieces of littoral forest in the country. There are three rewarding hiking trails here: the Discovery Trail (Ar20,000), a half-day immersion in forest conservation; the Forest Trail (Ar50,000, minimum five people), which allows you to see some rare plants and perhaps even the calumma vohibola, a chameleon discovered in 2009; and the Village Trail Ar35,000 (minimum five people). The NGO Man and the Environment also offers solar-powered boat canal trips, such as Vohibola to Tampino (Ar120,000 for up to six people, plus Ar2000 per person).

Visits (and accommodation) are arranged through the MATE office near the entrance to Andranokoditra village.