Ginučiai Watermill


This 19th-century mill in Ginučiai retains its original mechanism, and you can poke around its interior and check out the ye olde farming equipment in the attic. If there are enough visitors, the curator may do a demo of how grain used to be ground. It's possible to overnight here as well.

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Nearby Lithuania attractions

1. Ladakalnis

1.32 MILES

Take the footpath to the top of the 155m Ice Hill (Ladakalnis), to view a watery panorama of some seven lakes.

2. Lake Baluošas

1.67 MILES

This is one of the most impressive lakes in Aukštaitija National Park, fringed by pine forest and speckled with islands. White-tailed and golden eagles…

3. Trainiškis Wildlife Sanctuary

2.36 MILES

Accessed from near its namesake village, this nature reserve is only accessible with trained guides. Organise them via the Aukštaitija National Park…

4. Museum of Ancient Beekeeping

2.53 MILES

Stripeikiai’s Ancient Beekeeping Museum spins the story of beekeeping through a merry collection of carved wooden statues, historic log and straw hives…

5. Lake Tauragnas

5.76 MILES

Popular with canoeists, this is the deepest lake in the Aukštaitija National Park (60.5m deep).

6. Ažvinčiai Forest Reserve

6.35 MILES

Accessed via the village that bears the same name, this protected wildlife refuge may only be visited with park guides from the Aukštaitija National Park…

7. Molėtai Astronomical Observatory

17.68 MILES

There are spectacular views of Molėtai’s lake-studded landscape and the stars above from the Molėtai Astronomical Observatory on Kaldiniai Hill (193m)…

8. Lithuanian Ethnocosmology Museum

17.76 MILES

This unusual museum explores the cosmos’s connection to cultural ideas of hell, heaven and earth in its bubble-shaped exhibition centre. Dwarfing it are…