Livonian Community House


This modern centre provides a good introduction to local Livonian culture, including their love of berries, songs and their unique red-checked wool socks. There is also regional tourism info.

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1. Cape Kolka Point

1.38 MILES

Watching the Baltic swells crash into the blue swells of the Gulf of Rīga is mesmerising. Find a spot away from the summertime crowds on the narrow beach;…

2. Kolka Lighthouse

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Centuries ago, bonfires were lit at the cape’s tip to guide sailors around the protruding sandbar. Today, the solar-powered lighthouse guides vessels to…

3. Livonian People's House

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Opened with great pride in 1939, this art deco-ish cultural centre hosts gatherings of Liv descendants (the Liv Festival on the first Saturday in August…

4. Slītere National Park

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Slītere National Park protects 265 sq km of land back from the coast on the Kolka peninsula. The park's focal point is the Slītere Lighthouse, a towering…

5. Sõrve Lighthouse & Visitor Centre

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The first lighthouse on Sõrve promontory, just a primitive beacon, was built in the 17th century; the current 52m erection dates to 1960. To climb it, it…

6. Sõrve Military Museum

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Based in former Soviet border-guard barracks, this ramshackle museum showcases military detritus, much of which was scavenged from the surrounding area…