Suspension Bridge

Northern Laos

For soaring mountain and river views head to this suspension bridge leading to the Khamu quarter. You'll need a head for heights and a good sense of balance on this safe but eminently wobbly construction.

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1. Wat

0.24 MILES

This peaceful temple is worth a visit given the limited sightseeing options in town.

2. Phanoy Cave & Viewpoint

27.47 MILES

Well-signposted from the northern end of the main strip, the Phanoy Cave is a cool relief on a hot day. The cave lies about halfway up a steep track that…

3. Hot Springs

28.86 MILES

Wander down to the river to discover Muang La's modest hot spring that bubbles into the river when water levels are high. When levels are low, a flimsy…

4. Pra Singkham Buddha

29.04 MILES

Want to get rich? Afraid you might be infertile? Don't worry, just ask the Pra Singkham Buddha and your wish will be granted. Legend claims it was cast in…