Jomo Kenyatta Mausoleum


The last resting place of Kenya's independence president.

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1. Parliament House

0.08 MILES

If you fancy a look at how democracy works in Kenya, it’s possible to obtain a free permit for the public gallery at Parliament House when parliament is…

2. Holy Family Cathedral

0.13 MILES

The main Catholic church in the city, this is a key downtown landmark and one of Nairobi's most important churches.

3. Uhuru Park

0.15 MILES

An expanse of manicured green on the fringe of the central city, this attractive park is a popular respite from the downtown noise and bustle. It owes its…

5. All Saints' Cathedral

0.34 MILES

An important landmark overlooking Uhuru Park, All Saints Cathedral is the city's premier Anglican house of worship.

6. Railway Museum

0.35 MILES

The main collection here is housed in an old railway building and consists of relics from the East African Railway. There are train and ship models,…

7. Jamia Mosque

0.37 MILES

Amid the clutter of downtown, Nairobi’s main mosque is a lovely building in typical Arab-Muslim style, with all the domes, marble and Quranic inscriptions…

8. National Archives


Right in the bustling heart of Nairobi is the distinctive National Archives, the ‘Memory of the Nation’, a vast collection of documents and reference…